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Puff Plus Flavors Review-How Does The Puff Plus Each Flavors Taste?

Puff plus

  1. puff plus Watermelon Strawberry- luscious strawberry and the sweet fresh watermeln make quite the pair, it like they’re getting married.

2.Puff Plus Watermelon-Refreshinly sweet, the puff plus watermelon flavor provide a delicious and long lasting aftertaste with tonnes of tresh vapor.

3.Puff Plus Guava Ice-The guava flavor is sweet and juicy, the tropical flavors of guava provide you a sweetness and refreshing flavor.

4.Puff Plus Mixed Berries- A powerful and juicy blend f strawberry, bluberry and raspberry, it is the more popular flavor of the puff plus flavors

5.Puff Bar Plus Lychee Ice-the lychee flavor is delightfully lush, floral flavor a unique fruit flavor that is not overly sweet wit the perfect amount f tartness

6.Puff Bar Plus Peach Ice-The inner flesh is somewhat lighter than the outer skin and is very firm, crisp, and slightly juicy.the Puff Plus peach ice offer an aromatic scent and exceptionally sweet flavor.

7.Puff Bar Plus Cool Mint-A smooth and mellow mint, like fresh winter morning air, the plus plus mint is great for killing vaper’s tongue

8.Puff Bar Plus Pina Colada-The Pina clada is a delicious tropical treat that tastes like pineapple and coconut. If you blend it, the texture is like a smoothie, vape it like add life to a party.

9.Puff Plus tangerine ice-A delicious merger of menthol and citrusy tangerine,it taste a succulent flavor f zesty tangerine and smoothing menthol.

10.Puff Plus Banana ice-Grab the taste f a real banana flavor with the puff plus banana ice, this flavors is creamy, sweet, and tasty, everyone love the banana ice flavor.

11.Puff Plus Melon ice-The Puff Plus melon ice delivers an uplifting burst of sweet melon with icy cool undertones that are perfectly balanced and rish with flavors.

12.Puff Plus Blue raz Lemonade-The puff plus blue razz dazzle your taste buds with the alluring sweet candy flavors of this intoxicating blue raspberry e-juice. You will be sure to love this vapes creamy blend of sweet and tart.

13.Puff Plus Apple ice-The Puff plus apple ice come with a crisp green apple and a refreshing mint blast, you will fall in love with this apple ice flavor

14.Puff Plus Strawberry kiwi- The puff plus strawberry kiwi flavor is a refreshing fruit blend with a mellow fruity taste,if you lie a light and zesty vape flavor with a subtle sweetness, this might just be a match made in heaven

15.PUFF PLUS Strawberry banana-Enjoy the lip-smacking taste of freshly picked strawberry combined with rpe slices of banana, it is perfectly blended flavor profile allows you to clearly identify the strawberry and banana without one overpwering the other.

16.Puff Plus aloe grape-This taste like a delicious aloe and grape drink that all love.

17.Puff PLUS orange soda-In the spirit f sunny delight, the Puff plus orange soda flavor will have your taste buds dancing, amazing resemblance to the moring orange soda drink. Don’t miss out  

18.Puff Bar Plus Mango-Sweet , juicy and bursting with flavor are just the way to describe the PUFF Plus mango flavors.

19.Puff Bar Plus Lush ice-The lush ice carefully crafted concoction of sweet candied watermelon touched by a hint of mentholated goodness that will lend cooling to the next all day vape

20.Puff Plus Pomegranate-The puff plus pomegranate flavor is a harmonious blend of a sweet taste akin to summber berries mixed with a sour and tangy flavor similar to fresh cherries.

21.Puff Plus Mamba-This is a tropical mamba flavors.

22.Puff Plus Long island ice tea-This flavor features cola ,all the white liqurs, triple sec and lemon juice, it mostly tastes like a cola with orange and lemn juice added

23.Puff Plus Mojito- Bring a bit of California dreaming in to your life with these refreshing flavours from California Mojito – including Apple Lime, Melon Blue, Pineapple Candy, Lemon Blast, Mango Madness.

24.Puff Plus Mai tai- A tropical mix of pineapples, oranges , grenadine and white spiced rum. This is mai tai, get your own!

25.Puff Plus Cosmopolitan- In the Cosmo, the lime presents a dominating sourflavor, the Cointreau presents sweetness and a light orange flavor, the cranberry presents tartness and its own light flavor element, and the vodkaworks to dilute the other flavors

26.Puff Plus sour apple- Sour Apple eLiquid is almost a candy-like, Sweet green Apple with a sour edge. A vape to get your mouth watering and tastebuds tingling.

27.Puff Plus pink lemonade- Pink lemonade is flavored with a red additive, generally strawberry, cherry, or raspberry juice or flavoring