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1. How many hits are in a Puff Plus?

Puff Plus give you around 800 puffs.

2.How much does a Puff Plus Cost?

  Puff Bar Plus regular retail price is 16.99, our official site offer a price off, you could get $9.99/pcs.

3.Are Puff Plus made by Puff Bar?

  Yes, Puff Plus is the upgrade eidition of the original Puff Bar.

4.How many puffs are in a Puff Bar Plus?

   around 800 puffs

5. How long does a Puff Plus Last?

Puff Plus could give you about 800 puffs ,so it due to your smoke frequency。last 1day or 2 days.

6.What's the nicotine rate in Puff Plus?

  Puff PLUS come with 3.2 ml salt-nico e-juice, the nicotine rate is 5%, means 50mg

7.Where to buy Puff Plus?

  Get original Puff Plus on Puff bar official site:

8.What's the Puff Plus flavors?

  There are over 30+ Puff Plus flavors on our site

9.Can you recharge a Puff Plus?

  Sorry ,Puff Plus is a disposable vape device, once the battery ran out ,it can't be recharged.