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1.How many hits are in a puff bar?

Authentic each Puff Bar could give you around 300 hits .

2. Are Puff Bars healthier?

YES, Puff Bar is healthier than the traditional smoke. what's more, All Puff Bar products get the FDA certificate.

3.Do gas stations sell puff bars?

Now our authentic puff bar don't be sold in the gas stations. many clients contact us ,they said they bought the fake puff bar in gas stations. so i suggest don't buy from the gas station, buy the authentic puff bar on our offcial puff bar site: https://www.puffbarsalt.com

4.Is Puff Bar out of business?

We indeed reduce some sales in the gas station and store, we move our offical site from www.puffbar.com to www.puffbarsalt.com for some reason.

5.Are Puff bars banned in California?

Fda worried teenager vape, so they limited our puff bar. now we sell on our official site: https://www.puffbarsalt.com

6.Are Puff Bar safe?

Yes. puff bar device and the e-juice all meet the FDA demand, it is more safe.

7.How long does a puff bar plus last?

 The puff bar plus the the upgrade eidition of puff bar. puff plus could give you around 800 hits. Puff plus also add over 50 flaovrs for choose.

8.How many hits are in a puff bar xxl?

Puff bar xxl is the newest puff bar series products. Puff bar could give you around 1600 hits each one.

9. Can you refill a puff bar?

I'm afraid not , Puff bar is a disposable device, so after you use out ,just leave it away.

10. why does my puff bar taste burnt?

There are maybe two reason for the taste burnt. you maybe bought a fake puff bar from the store, so it  always comes with burnt taste. the second is that the puff bar e-juice capacity is low level, not enough 1.3ml, so it maybe have burnt taste.