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Something about Puff Bar.


  1. What’s puff bar?

Puff bar is a disposable e-cigarette, a disposable vape device, Puff bar is the all-in-one vape device, come with 280mah battery, 1.3ml e-liquid inside, so you could just need open it ,smoke it ,and threw it, simple and convenient.

  1. Where is the Puff Bar from ?

Puff Bar is a USA brand, Puff bars are made in shenzhen, china.

  1. How many hits are in a puff bar?

Puff could give you around 300 hits.

  1. How much nicotine in a puff bar?

The nicotine rate in a puff bar is 5%, means 50mg

  1. What’s the Puff Bar Flavors Ranked?

Puff Bar offer many flavors, this is the list:

pineapple lemonade


pink lemonade



Blue RAZ

lychee ice


cool mint

peach ice


lush ice



blueberry ice

banana ice

sour apple



melon ice


tangrine ice

  1. What’s the best puff bar flavors?

Wow, this is a hard question, coz all our puff bar flavor we test again and again, to make sure each flavors is good. But each person have their own favorite flavors. But I suggest try all our puff bar flavors, you will find you like whice flavors.

  1. Are puff bar safe for us?

Absoultely yes, all the puff bar eliquid passed the FAD approval, all the puff bar material is the food-graded material, and Puff bar device also get the USA FDA approval

  1. How to choose a puff bar?

Coz puff bar have many fruit flavors, you could ask yourself, which fruit is your favorite ?then you could choose the same fruit flavor, but we all suggest you try all the flaovrs, you will find more supprise and new flavors you like.

  1. What’s the Puff Bar website?

Puff bar official site:www.puffbarsalt.com

  1. Where to buy Puff Bar?

You could buy on the vape store near by you, the gas station near by you, or buy on our site:www.puffbarsalt.com to get a big discount.

  1. Where to get a cheapper puff bar device?

Our Puff bar official site offer big discount only $5.99/pcs, the rugar price is $11.99/pcs

  1. Why did your puff bar stop hitting?

There are serival reason for the puff bar stop hitting. Puff bar battery used out, the puff bar e-liquid leaking so make the battery dead, the puff bar brokend during the transfer way.

  1. How do you hit a dead puff bar?

I suggest not hit a dead puff bar, coz if the puff bar battery run out ,it can’t hit anymore.

  1. Why the puff bar leak?

There are three mainly reason for puff bar leak: too much e-juice inside the puff bar, puff bar broken when shipped, your puff bar is fake.

  1. How to charge a puff bar?

Puff bar is a disposable vape device, and inside the puff bar ,there is also no recharging pcb plate,so puff bar can’t be recharged. After you run out the puff bar ,we suggest you change one new device.

  1. How to make a puff bar hit after it dies?

It is not easy to make a puff bar hit after it dies.after the battery run out, If you really want make a puff bar hit again, take out the black cap of the puff bar, and take out the battery and change it. But it is not easy, why not change a new one?