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What's the different between from PUFF Plus and Puff Bar?

Feb 22, 2021

Puff Bar is most popular disposable vape device in the world wide, PUff bar also is the first brand mini disposable vape device, PUFF BAR is light ,convient and easy to use. Puff Bar is pre-filled 1.3 ml salt-nicotine ejuice and could support around 300 puffs, no need fill ejuice nor recharge the deive, just open it and vape it.

Puff Plus is a new edition from the original puff bar ,it is produced by the same company, only puff plus is a little larger than the puff bar device,Puff plus contain 550 mAh battery inside and come with 2.8 ml ejuice , it is also a disposable vape device which could give you 800 puffs ,it is twice puffs than the original puff bar device.

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