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Mar 4, 2021

First, as we know , there are many fake puff plus device in the market, 95% puff plus from the gas station is fake puff plus . if your puff plus not hitting ,pls verify your puff bar first on PUFF PLUS Official website :  If your puff plus is fake device, coz it was used bad battery and harmful heat wire, so it always only support 50 puffs then not hitting, in this case ,we suggest you throw the fake puff plus  , coz it is fake and harmful to you health. we suggest you buy from our official website to buy the PUFF PLUS device, we support over 60+ original puff plus flavors.

Second, If your puff plus is the authentic one which is bought from our official site, we promise all our device is authentic puff plus device and flavors.  if your puff plus already used 700~800 puffs, it stop hit, it is the normal suitation ,coz the battery have run out. so you only need change a new one to vape.  if open your package and vape it ,found the puff plus not hitting, pls contact us, we will resend you new device to replace. get the contact information on our puff plus official websie:

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