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Puff Bar INC filed a US$75 million lawsuit against 31 counterfeiters in China and the U.S.

Jun 22, 2021

The DS Technology and the Puff INC which is puff bar Authorized distributor in USA Filed a lawsuit and take legal action in Los Angeles. The DS technology is the manufacture of the puff bar in china.


The local high court sued more than 30 Chinese and American companies accused of selling counterfeit Puff Bar devices. The defendants include the international manufacturers and distributors CACUQ, US distributors, e-commerce companies and physical retail stores.


Puff Bar’s owners and distributors have filed a lawsuit against US and Chinese counterfeiters up to 75 million U.S. dollars.


The lawsuit involves counterfeit "Puff Bar" steam equipment and counterfeit products identified as "Puff Smart", "Puff Mini", "Puff Stig" and "Airis Puff", and seeks US$50 million in damages and US$25 million in damages. Punitive damages.


The lawsuit claims that the defendant in this case infringed the famous "Puff" and "Puff Bar" trademarks by introducing and using competitive equipment associated with the Puff Bar e-cigarette device and publicly selling counterfeit or forged Puff Bar e-cigarettes.


At present, the defendant is only a small number of violators. Puffbar's anti-counterfeiting verification system has identified thousands of retail stores where consumers purchased devices that failed inspections.


The complete list of current defendants in this case is as follows:





Shenzhen VapeMons Technology Co., Ltd

Blink Imports LLC

J&L D Sunset Wholesale & Tobacco

Smoke 1 (CA)

Daniel Rahbar Distributions and Representations LLC

Gypsy Vapes a.k.a. The Bambino Company

Temecula Cash & Carry, Inc.

Pitco Tobacco, Inc.

Tobacco Cartel, Inc.

Global Vapors LLC

Mayvillage Trading, LLC

Sky Distribution LLC

Vapes Society Distro Inc.

Cloud 9 Smoke Company Inc

Vaporider LLC

Sweet Southern Vapes LLC

Sweet Southern Vapes Crestview LLC

Sweet Southern Vapes Destin LLC

Sweet Southern Vapes Niceville LLC

Unishow Inc.

The Local Vapory LLC

My Vape Store

Sema International Inc.

Ecto World LLC

ELiquid Depot

G & Fire

Vapor Exotica Group, LLC

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