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PUFF BAR vs JUUL, Who is better?

Mar 13, 2021

As a vape leader, JUUL begin to popular from the 2016 years, PUFF BAR is the most popular brand during the 2020 years. nowadays many clients like to compare PUFF BAR and JUUL , so now we talk a topic to compare the PUFF BAR and JUUL. 

1. What's are the differences between PUFF BAR vape device and JUUL device?

Device difference:  

PUFF BAR is a disposable vape device , it is a close systerm, no need for charging and refilling, just need to open it and use it.  PUFF BAR is pre-filled 5% salt Nic and pre-charged. 

JUUL is a open systerm vape device, it contain two part, battery and pods, battery could be recharged, pods is disposable and pre-filled ejuice, each time you only need change a new pods after you use out the juul pods.

Flavors difference:

PUFF BAR Offer a lot of fruit flavors for choose, there are over 20+ different flavors such as : banana ice, peach ice, lychee ice, sour apple , strawberry, watermelon ,lush ice, pineapple lemonada, blue razz, cool mint etc, all the flavors could give you a lot of choice and meet different client's request. you could get any flavor you want.

While, JUUL only offer 8 old flavors, such as cool mint, cool cucumber, classic tobaccl, mango etc, JUUL flavors list is too less, so there is almost no much choice for you choose, you even can't get a friut flavors you want. 

Use way Differences:

PUFF BAR is more easy to use, it is comfortable and convient , you just need open the package then use it. no need to learn how to recharge, how to refill, it is the best disposable vape device for new vaper.

JUUL is a little complex than the puff bar device, you need connect the pods and juul battery together first ,then smoke, and you also need to learn how to charge the juul battery when the battery run out, it will take more times .

PUFFS Differences:

PUFF BAR : UP T0 300 Puffs

JUUL: 1 pod=200 puffs

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