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Mar 9, 2021

1. Why I can't pay the order by paypal ?

Dear clients, coz now paypal don't support  Vape products, so our Puff Bar company  have to change to only accept the credit card Payment. 

2.Why my Puff BAR PLUS order  payment is failed?

Some times if your address not match your bank bill, or your IP is not match,  the systerm think the payment is high risk, they will cancel the payment, sorry for this.  maybe need you order again or call the bank to confirm this payment was handled by yourself. then it will success. but once we receive the payment ,we will deal your order immediately. 

3.When My Puff BAR order could arrive, how long it will take?

Dear clients, always we ship out your puff bar or puff plus orde in 24 hours by usps. But this year due to the covid-19,  it always take about 10 days arrive,the usps systerm also shows a little slow, so we'are suggest you tracking it 10 days later after your paid.

4. How to veriy my PUFF BAR OR PUFF PLUS is authentic or not?

scatch off the sticker on the Puff Bar or Puff Plus back, then enter our official site , on the verify page, you could verify your Puff Bar Device.

5. How many hits are in a PUFF Bar vape device?

Puff Bar is a disposable vape device in USA, each puff bar come with 280 mAh battery and 1.3ml ejuice, so you could get about 300 hits from each puff bar device, it is appoximately then same as 20 normal cigarettes per pack.

6. How many hits are in a PUFF PLUS?

Puff Plus double the hits of the original puff bar vape deive, Each Puff Plus device come with about 800 puffs and over 60+ delicious flavors.Welcome to  try the different Puff Plus Flavors.

7. How many hits are in a PUFF XXL?

PUFF XXL is the newest vape device from the PUFF BAR company, PUFF XXL is the longest-lasting disposable device in the PUFF BAR series, Each PUFF XXL disposable vape device could support around 1600 PUFFS. Puff XXL offer over 40+ original flavors to taste ,welcome to order and try!

8. Can you buy puff bars in UK and Austrialia?

PUFF BAR is a tiny pre-filled disposable vape device ,it containt smooth salt nicotine ejuice and delicious flavor taste, PUFF BAR is easy to use and featuring a satisfing hit. PUFF BAR company is localed in USA, so we didn't open store in UK and austrialia, but you could shop all the PUFF BAR flavors on our official website. we could ship to UK and austialia.

9.Can you refill a PUFF BAR PLUS?

Coz Puff BAR and Puff Plus all are disposable vape device, all the device is pre-filled ejuice in our manufacture factory. we don't suggest clients open the PUFF BAR and refill it, what's more, PUFF BAR battery also can't be charged, so once the battery run out ,even you refill the PUFF BAR Plus, It still stop hit. we suggest you change a new Puff Bar device to vape. 

10. How many cigarettes are a puff plus equal to?

Each puff plus vape device come with 550mAh battery and 3.2 ml salt-nico ejuice, it could give you around 800 hits, it is equal to about 40 normal cigarettes. equal to 4 pcs of juul pods

11. Are Puff Bar Plus flavors is authentic?

Puff Bar Plus is the new generation of the original Puff Bar, PUFF PLUS doule the puffs of the original Puff Bar device, which could provide 800 hits. so Puff BAR plus flavors is 100% original flavors, our official website provide over 60+ puff plus flavors to choose,welcome to order. 

12.Could you charge a dead Puff PLUS?

Sorry , coz Puff Plus is a disposable device, it don't have the charging port to charge, so PUFF PLUS can't be recharged.

13. Why your puff bar plus which you bought from gas station dies so fast ?

Actually, 95% gas station sell the fake puff bar plus ,those device can't be verified on our site. so we suggest don't buy puff bar plus from the gas station, you could get the authentic puff bar plus device on our official site

14. How much is a Puff Plus? Could I get a cheaper price or discount?

Our official site offer a big discount for PUFF Plus , You could get 42% price off when you shop on puff plus official website. what's more, we also provide more discount when you shop again, we provide more personal discount for our old clients,

welcome to contact and inquiry.

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